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    finding counselling



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    finding counselling

    Post by daisyj on Wed Jan 13, 2016 3:49 pm

    I have spartanlifecoach videos and checklists very helpful in weaning myself off my narcissistic partner of ten years. It's been two years since we split and only since meeting a new partner (with issues stemming from a narc dad) who introduced me to this disorder about 6 months ago, have I made real progress.

    However, the twist is that my new partner and I (who I always kept at arms length through fear of something) have split, with him calling me a covert narc or someone with histrionic personality disorder!

    All I know is I need help - i'm convinced my ex IS a narc and am appalled that maybe I could be one too. I don't think I fit the criteria - but what narc does??? Does anyone know how I can find a counsellor online? (I have tried Richard Grannon obviously and he has referred me to this forum)


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