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    Greetings from Mewkew3


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    Greetings from Mewkew3

    Post by Mewkew3 on Thu Jan 02, 2014 2:55 am

    I am 54, female, and I am the youngest of two children. My older brother has been diagnosed as having narcissistic personality disorder, bipolar disorder AND obsessive compulsive disorder. He was the "golden child" who could do no wrong, and I think that trained him into the marcissistic personality mode. I was the "black sheep" that was the family scapegoat... if it wasn't for MY medical issues, Dad would not have to travel to consult for extra money, etc.... when the truth was our father was a narcissistic workaholic.

    Our mother was also a very dominating and controlling perfectionist who would tell us she loved us if we performed well at whatever and she hated us and shamed us with things like "What would the neighbors think? screamed at us if we did soemthing she did not approve of. Later she would not remember telling us she hated us and would get us some little treat or toy... and when she swung back to hateful those things would be taken away and given to someone else to give to their children or grandchildren. Thus I was not allowed "treasured possessions" ever.

    With the medical issues I was also bullied in school by students and teachers alike. As an adult, I have experienced much cyberbullying to the point where sometimes i want to throw my computer off a bridge.

    Now my parents are both dead, and when we settled our parents' estate I divorced my brother and told him to consider himself to be an only child (which is something he told me he always wanted all the time when we were growing up) and now I can move on with him out of my life. I have even changed my phone number so he cannot crank call me with the long silence calls he used to make just to irritate and annoy me.

    I have two cats whom I love very deeply. I have always been told I am "too sensitive" and to get a thicker skin, yet being empathetically inclined I have not been able to do that. I have learned to guard my heart in relationships rather than shut it and even to love my narcissistic sibling from a distance by recognizing the mental illness in his soul and realizing that if it were not there he would be the brother I had always dreamed of. I know he never will be a loving, caring person---and I have grieved that and moved on. The part of me that loves him, I turn that to prayer. "Lord, help him to heal the damage in his soul."

    So this is me. I guess that's a good start for now. Nice to meet you all. And as it is new year's day as I write this, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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    Re: Greetings from Mewkew3

    Post by joscurry on Fri Nov 28, 2014 4:43 pm

    I'm reading this almost a year later! Hi, mewkew...

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