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    An introvert->extrovert course?


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    An introvert->extrovert course?

    Post by 3029040 on Tue May 26, 2015 4:54 pm

    So I'm thinking of buying the Overcome Narcissistic Abuse course, but what about a course of how to become an extrovert?
    It's actually really hard to find any materials on this subject, and SpartanLifeCoach is about the only source that says that it actually can be done, instead of saying how introversion is just as good as extroversion, and so you shouldn't want to change that, blah, blah, blah.
    Well, in my case, I do want to change that, and I have been struggling with it for some time now.

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    Baby Steps

    Post by gigiminer on Fri May 29, 2015 12:44 pm

    I applaud you wanting to make changes. I'm an introvert who doesn't want to be an extrovert - but has lived extrovertedly for quite a bit of my life.


    Visit places you don't normally go. This could be a party, a bar, a restaurant, any place that's social. Then, don't worry about pushing yourself...usually the natural extroverts will help you out. Then, just talk. If it gets too stimulating, excuse yourself either for a few minutes or leave for the night.

    You start by pushing beyond your comfort zone. Maybe comfort would be reading, not posting, just observing. If you want to interact, post (like you did here), talk, attempt contact. Works online, IRL, you get to choose how much you can handle.

    And maybe one venue doesn't work so well for you - maybe a bar is just too much. Try a library to start.

    If you know what your normal introverted behavior is, you can then decide which behaviors you want to change. Sounds silly. But sometimes those little, simple things will help with the biggest changes. Smile

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    Re: An introvert->extrovert course?

    Post by Neowuf on Sat May 30, 2015 2:56 pm

    Im doing some research about how to be extroverted, I have no friends in real life maybe because of my narcissistic father, he loves to destroy my friendships. Glad he dont know how to use internet !
    One really good tip to be extroverted I found is acting. Get a Camera, record yourself on camera speaking, try make a tutorial about something you are expert. See yourself on the camera to evaluate your performance and do it every day.
    Its like actor training for acting on a movie, they practice everyday on the mirror etc. I think this is the foundation. The next step is find a good friend to role play and evaluate your acting/performance. I should follow my own advice, but I dont want my father to ear me talking on my room, I live in a very small house =l

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    Re: An introvert->extrovert course?

    Post by 3029040 on Sun May 31, 2015 10:07 pm


    Thanks for the tips!
    It's hard to say what my 'normal' behaviour is, because normally, I am very extroverted when among friends, but if there's at least one stranger in the group, or someone I know, but find attractive - then I lose the ability to speak.
    But yes, I do try to push myself, but the struggle is still there, I wish I was able to do this naturally, without having to actively force myself to do it.

    I'll definitely try this one out. I am a horrible actor, so I think improving this skill might actually help a lot.

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    Re: An introvert->extrovert course?

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