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    Just wanted to say "thank you"



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    Just wanted to say "thank you"

    Post by LillyBett on Tue Jul 11, 2017 5:18 pm

    Hi Richard G

    Thank you for your latest video - really appreciate the email reminders.  I left the grandiose ****, Christmas day I was told to leave, and have spent 4 months in a women's refuge.  Now I am set up again, on my own and happy!  I found you on YouTube and yes I did watch nigh on all you've produced and it was weird, like how do you know all that happened?  The Exploitation, the Derision and then the final Discard - it honestly was a totally and absolute 'I get it' moment when the pennies all dropped.  I am 7 months clean of him, I am impervious grey rock, my ferocity of intent is in every breath I take.  Reading Complex PTSD Pete Walker a few pages of a time and I am tending to the inner child as I were her parent now.  The Narc's abuse re-lighted my deeply buried memories of childhood abuse - double whammy, flashbacks, nightmares: emotional literacy and forgiving yourself as a child, a way to heal and embark on an integrated pathway to wellbeing and I am ready to be well.  (I also have ME so he had all that he needed to isolate me, set me to work etc, he almost killed me) but I realise now I am a hundred times the person he could ever dream of being and that cheers me up no end.

    Anyway - slightly off what I set out to say, just I think you mentioned one or two people that think you should be supporting them free of charge etc, I just wanted to say I, and there are plenty of others out there I guess, whose lives you have changed for an ultimately far higher authentic state of being, of living and of thriving just by the work you have published in the past and all the recent videos too.  Everything you say about the internet and the changing sense of realities people are developing I get - and if you do nothing else everyone keep your perspective.  But I wanted to say thank you, from my heart, thank you.

    Richard you are an amazing person, I delight in the delight you show when you stretch the intellect that is yours and that encourages me to be likewise, "don't play small" and don't roll-over and give up, get up and start another day and do something different.

    Also to the Narc: Be grateful for the Narc, they are a great benchmark of your humanity, albeit they are dire machines and we worry about AI?!  They are here already, ha.  They can be over-come, if you have the tiniest glimmer in your heart to roll up your sleeves, do so some work and honestly the world is yours, NARC FREE - no greater gift in the world.

    So thank you Richard - apols if this isn't the time and place to send you a message, oops, never mind you've read it now!

    Your survivor and supporter - LillyBett

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