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    HR ignores psychopaths exist


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    HR ignores psychopaths exist

    Post by kibou on Sun May 07, 2017 12:15 am

    I see at every workplace at least one psychopath. They cause chaos everywhere, good professionals get fired, and the company losses big amounts of money. Also, the clients of the company get a feel of the chaos.
    There's absolutely nothing positive about having a psychopath at work. I have been a whistleblower twice, and the results are always negative towards me.
    In the last job I didn't realise It​until he destroyed all my career.
    HR and my managers believe the psychopath, and not me.
    Question for business owners and HR: when do you plan to end with this insanity?
    Question for the forum: what solutions do you think are feasible for dealing with this kind of scenario?
    This the 3rd narc/psychopath whatever that destroys my life and I have not even had the chance to recover completely.

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