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    aha moment with nc



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    aha moment with nc

    Post by daisy4 on Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:02 pm

    I've recently gone nc, and had a bit of an aha moment that I thought i'd share.  nc isn't just about preventing any further abuse or stress in our lives, its also about letting the heavy stuff go so we can almost re-form to how we are supposed to be, or more comfortable. I still have a long way to go with c-ptsd but feel like a little light has got in and made me curious as to what else is possible.  the trauma bonds are so strong and I know many of us fight them everyday, so appreciate how hard this work is first hand.  

    also one of the things I wasn't ready for with nc, is that once the npd is gone from our external environment, the focus slowly shifts from external to internal and  equally as hard is the work needed on the internal environment that the npd has created within us (parents or long time abuse), if that makes sense?  Rolling Eyes so much of this is subconscious.  beliefs through feelings.  the thoughts (if we can catch them) seem to be the end product of the feeling, and the beliefs are like trying to describe water to a fish, its all we've ever known (to those of us who've grown up around npds).

    has anyone else had any aha moments with nc?

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