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    Boundary breaking and consumerism



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    Boundary breaking and consumerism

    Post by fireswan on Sat Jan 21, 2017 7:41 pm

    I was shopping at Nordstrom Rack in Boulder CO and happened upon pedophilia merchandise (Pizzagate) for sale as if "it was normal, acceptable, attractive". The merchandise was created by Betsey Johnson of NYC. The images were flashy love symbols with pizza slices dripping with blood, creepy French fries and cupcakes looking like breasts. Covered in sequens of course. Had I not found out about Pizzagate from Wikileaks (which influenced me to not vote for Hillary), seeing the merchandise might have slipped past my conscious mind and been fed to my subconscious mind as "normal although strange" but because I found about Pizzagate, I felt horrified that these items are being sold to ordinary people of all ages. This is how "flying monkeys" are made. They inadvertently buy the marketing when it is sublime. They consume the narrative because Nordstrom is selling it. So my question Richard is your understanding of the merchandising aspects of selling a narrative and how consumerism and getting people to invest in it creates support?

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