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    Brene Brown and Boundaries



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    Brene Brown and Boundaries

    Post by heliopsis on Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:03 pm

    This is a 5 min Brene Brown clip:
    What is going on? It feels slippery or inauthentic though it seems to be saying the right things - boundaries are essential:
    boundaries + compassion = true compassion
    boundaries + empathy = real empathy
    But something does not feel right - is she helpful, neutral or tending toward harmful to people trying to heal and establish boundaries?

    Also if the above equations are true then what are these:
    weak boundaries + compassion (or empathy) = ?
    porous boundaries + compassion (or empathy) = ?
    Brene doesn't say what these equations are.

    I found the Brene link from Layla Loric's site. Watched it, feel weird about it and then saw she was interviewed by Oprah (hmm), also has done TED talks, etc. I'm in the first months of healing - Survival Kit, affirmations, Boundaries Course, meditation, journaling. So I'm going through some turbulence, as you have mentioned, so maybe it's me, but this clip and Brene ... seems (?) superficial, disingenuous (maybe a little too strong a word), not deeply informed (?) - despite her background. Her message seems to be pointing in the same direction as SLC or on a similar path. Yet I feel like something is off, like she is a pre-packaged granola bar - some of the right food components but now junk food - ? She seems to have credentials, large stages, saying the right things - but just not quite ... real maybe a touch of charlatan - ? Yes? or am I over-reacting in a turbulent establishing-personal-boundaries way?



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    Re: Brene Brown and Boundaries

    Post by Neowuf on Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:31 pm

    weak boundaries + compassion (or empathy) = Co-Dependent

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