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    Can Paranoid thinking result from Truma?



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    Can Paranoid thinking result from Truma?

    Post by Ruby on Sun Dec 25, 2016 11:09 pm

    Happy to be here on the Forum! There is a question here, but as it's my first time, I want to give a little backstory - not about my abuse, about my recovery.

    Backstory: After about 21 months of following the Spartan Life Coach Youtube channel, I began to make major progress with managing my emotional flashbacks, realizing when I was dissociated, facing the inner critic, creating better boundaries with myself and others, choosing the steely discipline of goal setting over the pursuit of happiness, grieving the losses, I mean, I took it serious, it was life or death when I started. And I got traction in my life, and I felt better, I know now this is life long work, and I don't expect to be fixed but I want to get better at using these tools. And, after all this growth in a positive direction, I met a really awesome person, totally not a Narc!! I felt like a fairy princess on a new pony! Now we're together, in love, learning about each other and I realize that my dear friend suffers a lot from paranoid thinking. He is from another country, in which there is an oppressive totalitarian regime. While there he was often harassed, eavesdropped upon, and once even detained by the state. I have noticed him dissociate, and walk into walls in a state of distress. He has emotional flashbacks where his hands get cold and his whole aspect changes from lively and engaged to one of sadness and confusion. He's in and out with these episodes, and a communication from one of his peers that seems innocent to me can send him spinning off, as I described. When I ask him what he feels at these times - he describes a fear that these people are somehow conspiring against him.

    Question: Can a one time trauma - like State detention (hood over the head, taken by car to another location, held for 2 days) cause PTSD, and if so would the tools from SLC be the right tools to help him take control of his thinking? Sometimes I see overlaps with my worst symptoms (he can be a bit of a people pleaser too), but also something different. When I google paranoid thinking I get results for paranoid schizophrenia, but he is already an adult, this behavior is relatively recent for him and he doesn't experience any extreme symptoms - like hearing voices or seeing things that aren't there, after listening to SLC, I imagine that all mental afflictions must exist on a spectrum, and are a reflection of our lived experiences, so maybe there is a range of paranoid thinking that can result from trauma? If this isn't the right question for the forum I apologize, but I would appreciate any info you can give me.

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