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    Some days I feel like it's harder to journal.


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    Some days I feel like it's harder to journal.

    Post by trueself1 on Mon Dec 12, 2016 6:01 pm

    So the other day I was trying to journal, but I only managed to write out a little bit and was dissappointed. Then today, it's amazing.    Pages and pages are coming out of me. It's not all negative stuff, but about things I been wanting to do or desire that I haven't been
    able to focus on. Relationship problems I been trying to solve or can't figure out how to manage. Things are becoming more clear,
    especially my underlying motivations or unconcious desires.

     I noticed that the more I keep writing out all my problems, the less intimidating they are. It seems to make the brain conciously
    try to find solutions when you write it out. Some of the things I've been wanting to do keep popping back up so the repetition of
    making them more concious helps it to stick in my memory more so I don't forget and more likely to act on it in a timely manner.
    Otherwise the thought is just a jumble with all the other millions of thoughts and mini goals that never get accomplished.

     I noticed that I pay closer attention to my relationships since journaling. Closer attention to how people make me feel and really
    listening to everything they say, not ignoring the details. It's amazing how much better I have gotten about really seeing a person
    for who they are and not what I'm imagining them to be. I feel less vulnerable in relationships by being able to trust my perception
    of reality. Sorry about the first paragragh all messed up somehow lol! rendeer

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