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    I think I'm doing the journaling correctly this time.



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    I think I'm doing the journaling correctly this time.

    Post by trueself1 on Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:14 pm

    I didn't even realize just how emotionally constipated I have been lol! Ok so I started to take the journaling seriously and do it
    everyday as soon as uncomfortable feelings start to come up that I cannot explain. The other night I got sad after visiting a
    girlfriend who has a partner and kids, basically the things that I feel like i missed out on. So I get home and I start journaling
    about it after hanging out at her place yesterday. Omg! I was completely unprepared for the painful childhood stuff that was
    coming up.

     It had to do with outright, almost in your face, father rejection, and a pedophile that had started to prey on me at the age of 10.
    Let's just say I think I revisited and re-experienced some of that past pain. I was balling my eyes out. Rage, shame, humiliation, disgust,
    all kinds of feelings were coming up and being vented. It also feels like I'm able to see my behaviors more, and I'am beginning to
    honor my boundaries a little better. I'm able to pull myself back from unrealistic thinking, or magical thinking. I'm better able to
    cope with present and past losses.

    All this stuff was just eating at me everyday, no wonder I'm not getting anywhere. I guess there is alot more work to do, but I feel
    like I at least think that I understand what to expect now and how this works. I think prior to that last video that Richard made, I
    didn't fully understand what he meant by making friends with sadness and uncomfortable feelings.

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