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    Journaling experience so far


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    Journaling experience so far

    Post by trueself1 on Mon Dec 05, 2016 3:10 pm

    So I'm noticing that alot of the same nagging issues keep popping in my head that will give me the uncomfortable feelings that
    we are suppose to make friends with lol! I think it helps alot to look at the negative uncomfortable thoughts and feelings in a
    positive way. I think that is hugely important, otherwise I literally feel like I'm going to die as I'am expressing them on paper.
    It does feel overwhelming as I start to write it out, and I do get kind of tired after doing this which I think is normal. But it
    does pass after a bit and then I feel much better again.

    I've been writing out an average of 4 or 5 pages so far in the last couple of days, but my handwriting is not really small so
    a few pages Smile It is absolutely shocking how many of the different emotions I was actually experiencing in the course of the
    day without even realizing it. I didn't fully understand to the degree that I had no idea what I'm feeling a good part of the time.
    It's been so annoying to keep having the same nagging feelings trying to come up and distracting me throughout the day until
    I begin to acknowledge them and pay attention.

    I was starting to take a medication just prior to Richard making this video lol! It was helping as far as making me feel more
    motivated, but now it's starting to give me insomnia so I'm going to quit them. The real problem is the suppression of emotions
    that is making it so I can't get traction and depressed alot of the time. Well that's all I got for today, I will let everybody know
    if any dramatic improvements start to occur in the next few weeks. Take care Smile

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