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    CPTSD or PTSD Triggers



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    CPTSD or PTSD Triggers

    Post by sara44 on Fri Oct 28, 2016 1:58 am

    How can one tell if they've been triggered (having an emotional flashback/re-experiencing) instead of just having experiencing something and having negative thoughts about it. The reason i ask is because i heard Richard say in one of his You Tube videos, referring to a person having some thoughts, "this is you having "negative thoughts", not you having an emotional flashback.

    thanks and hope to hear from you soon,

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    Re: CPTSD or PTSD Triggers

    Post by wepnode on Sat Oct 29, 2016 9:46 pm

    I can tell, because it lasts a minimum of two weeks, versus just experiencing something that

    doesn't trigger my CPTSD.  It's an "inappropriate response".  I try and protect myself from spinning

    out for weeks.  Knowing one's triggers is helpful, like knowing one's aura and triggers is helpful for

    preventing migraines--because once either CPTSD or a migraine get going.....

    With my partner, a few years in i realized that our emotional upset could be plotted in my head, and

    while my partner's plotted a quick, extreme blip-- up, then down and apparently done--i would

    continue vibrating.  It feels more whole body and accelerates, rather than just having negative

    thoughts about something that just happened.  

    Can i quell it, or not?  How powerful was the trigger?  The CPTSD is a viseral, accelerating fear,

    (among other feelings).


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    Re: CPTSD or PTSD Triggers

    Post by sara44 on Wed Nov 02, 2016 1:53 am

    i am amazed at such a thoughtful reply! Those things happen to me too. I appreciate you making that clearer for me. Thank you!

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    Re: CPTSD or PTSD Triggers

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