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    Idea for "Build Better Boundaries Course"



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    Idea for "Build Better Boundaries Course"

    Post by gamermaus on Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:52 pm


    I have one idea for "Build Better Boundaries Course".

    I visited a hypnotherapeut. He explained the following:
    When people imagine something they can see it associative or dissociative. Well, this is known by NLP.
    His experiences are that people with boundary problems often have problems to imagine associative.
    They lost the connection to their body and feelings. When his patient train to imagine associative they
    improve a lot.

    But I did not understand how to imagine associative. It would be great to have an easy to understand
    description. I imagine pictures in my head. The position is in my head. I can imagine associative and dissociative.
    But I have the feeling that my association is not what he meant. That is very difficult to understand.

    Should we imagine a picture where we imagine to be associative?
    Or should we imagine a pictures where our real body is associative?

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