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    Den of Narcissists

    Post by bboy80 on Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:00 pm

    I am 100% certain that my father is a grandiose, overt narcissist.
    Following a traumatic childhood, where I was 'raised' by my father, I was ultimately diagnosed as a narcissist myself; self-labeled covert.
    I am also more of the opinion that I am borderline first and foremost (fear of abandonment and rejection above all else), with narcissistic tendencies coming in second.

    I am going through a divorce now; duh.
    I am 100% convinced my ex also has outspoken overt narcissistic tendencies; not co-dependent.

    I feel I am experiencing C-PTSD symptoms from all of it: relationship with my father, relationship with my ex and my own behavior.
    I don't know what to believe anymore or which way to turn.
    All I know is I want out and I can make a lot of sense from the information you share in your videos.

    - Is it possible to be surrounded by narcissists in this way and be one yourself?

    - Also: I've noticed this site offers help for sufferers of narcissistic abuse, worded in this way.
    Being a (sometimes abusive) narcissist myself, am I somehow excluded from also being an abuse victim?

    - Can you also provide resources for people who are 'mildly' narcissistic (if that even exists) and are really just looking for a sincere way out of the maze? It really doesn't help to always be labeled as a monster...

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