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    Borderline Personality Disorder



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    Borderline Personality Disorder

    Post by Ashleigh44 on Mon Sep 26, 2016 12:24 am

    I have started wondering if I am actually Borderline rather than having CPTSD.
    Can CPTSD become Borderline?
    At what point does a personality disorder actually develop if all these things are routed in trauma/abuse? What's the difference?

    I definitely have a history of being in abusive relationships and I assumed I had CPTSD because I have triggers that cause intense unbearable emotions which leave me non-functioning for days at a time. My biggest trigger is abandonment. As soon as I detect and ounce of that happening, I go into meltdown mode. Most of the time though, the threat isn't even real. And I often bring about abandonment myself from being too paranoid about it, saying things to make them go away, or just abandoning them before they do it to me. I have a psychiatrist who is doing dialectical therapy with me which I found out is to treat BPD, but they haven't clarified my diagnosis and I am worried because from the things I have read online, people with BPD aren't well liked and there's little hope. I seem to have all the symptoms of it too, but also of CPTSD.

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