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    8months in isolation....



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    8months in isolation....

    Post by Nora-can-take-no-more! on Fri Aug 26, 2016 5:50 am

    My ex .. Well I say ex, he treated my decision to finish the relationship as a holiday request that would be accepted as soon as he found my holiday cover.. WHAT A DICK!!
    Following an episode of physical violence just after Christmas, which my daughter walked in on and my poor dog (who was only 6 months at the time) , he'd crawled over to me while I was pinned on the floor and my ex booted him to the far corner of the room. So my daughters screaming at my ex and crying, I'm begging him to stop and get out of my house and my puppy (a large German shepherd pup) whining in the corner... And my ex had no expression!! If anything he was annoyed at us.. WTF?? That was the moment I saw what I can only describe as pure evil. That was was the start of my isolation. I've no job, as he put a stop to that a year previous.. He is the landlord at a little clicky country pub about 2 miles from me and using that as a platform has spread disgusting and damaging rumours about me. So now my anxiety is rediculous and I only leave the house twice a week to go to the local shop. My daughter has left me to live with her dad and to top it off my ex took my dog (Deggy) away from me 2 months ago. He was my best friend, my confidence and my reason to get up and do things. It has destroyed me! He knew it would and I cry every day just thinking about what Deggy will be going through as my ex's regular anger outbursts and need to control will be directed at him instead of me. No one will help me!! I've been in contact with so many agencies and no one will help me to help him! I'm ready mentally to go to the police as his abuse over the past couple of years falls under the coercive law.... But I know that if he realises that he's being "outted" then he is sick enough to do something terrible to my boy

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