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    New found knowledge and important question on recovery.



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    New found knowledge and important question on recovery.

    Post by Michael45 on Tue Aug 23, 2016 6:26 pm

    Hey Richie.

    I have come to a point in my recovery where I am stuck and not using the material I have much anymore. I had incident happen and realized I have not been truly recovering and that all I had taken in was band aids on huge wounds so I've heard you say.

    I know a lot of the information I've done a lot of the work and hypnos and still ended up in a situation that proved there is a big piece to the puzzle missing. You have discussed the importance of going into our childhoods and doing the work but how? I have saw that in the NYC seminar you were going to have the last part of the seminar was on healing the childhood wounds.

    My question is will you be making available new material? Especially on the healing of childhood wounds and the black belt recovery . I'm very interested in them .

    Hope to hear good news soon .

    Have a great day

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