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    Codependency and infidelity


    Justin Allingham

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    Codependency and infidelity

    Post by Justin Allingham on Fri Aug 12, 2016 11:52 am

    My girlfriend who is a codependent with porous ego boundaries cheated on me twice during the long distance part at the beginning of our relationship. The events of each infidelity involved boundary breaking and predatory behaviour including GASLIGHTING from narcissistic men. She was away from me. She was isolated and needy. She was raped when she was seventeen and never got any counselling to deal with it. She enjoyed the attention but lacked the capacity to get he attention without more happening. How does codependency affect a woman's capacity to be faithful? We now live together. How vulnerable will she be to the attention of predatory personality types in the future given we are now,together. She says there is no chance. I think she is overly confident. She is a chronic dissasociator. I want to be careful. I want to be compassionate but not foolishly naive. I would appreciate any help you could all offer.

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