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    hello Richard


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    hello Richard

    Post by vicky love on Sun Jul 03, 2016 8:52 pm

    Hi there Richard, Iv never been in a forum b4 & Im still learning how 2 use it. iv been watching ur videos the last few days & they helped me tremendously. I want 2 say a massive thank u 2 u Smile Im not addicted 2 abusive relationships, as soon as they do we split up. Iv just broke up with yet another narc & funnily enough hes studied it & actually made me aware of CPTSD. hes very covert & uses a lot of passive aggressive tactics. After watching ur vids Iv realised I have been playing the people pleaser with my boyfriends. I think only 2 of them in over 20 yrs were actually ok I swore 2 myself years ago that I wont put up with abuse & Iv never had a relationship last longer than 6months.
    i was starting 2 think there was something wrong with me, which there is, in that I have porous boundaries & been very nieve 2 say the least. My x told me his x wife was a sexual narcissist, having had countless affairs. Im not sure I believe him now, in fact I dont believe anything hes told me.
    What I want 2 ask is, do narcissists marry other narcissists & manage 2 stay in a relationship 4 many years? & is narcissism caused by abuse in childhood?
    my x hated his mum & I spent a lot of time listening 2 how horrible his childhood was. Mine itself was horrific. It took me 34 yrs 2 work out why my mother hated me. She was a gold digger & was after my fathers parents money. She didnt get a penny & got lumbered with a baby she didnt want. I have come 2 terms with this, 2 b honest it was a relief 2 realise I wasnt all the things she said I was & that she is all those things. I havnt seen her since the mid 90s & never will again. She may already b dead & I wudnt know.
    Im going 2 apologise 4 my terrible spelling & grammar in advance. Iv wrote like this 4 years now & Im not likely 2 conform with the Old queen lizard breath English  Very Happy Smile

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