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    strange body twitch



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    strange body twitch

    Post by Min on Sun Jul 03, 2016 2:45 pm

    Phänmomen: strange Body-reaction,

    Hi ^^

    I fall in love in a man i believe is high on the narcissistic /borderline spectrum. (my therapist say so) Right at the fist moment there was a bondage between us. I never loved anybody before , i never knew what love was (my mother is borderline or Cptsd/my father alkoholic) . He (the narc) was the first person i led inside into my dark chamber. Sad

    The strange thing was the immediate emotional connection and awareness of his emotional dynamics. (im an empath) knowing what he feels, how to please him, not to hurt him. (a dangerous balance act) It´s like stroking a tiger, snake or huge spider. I saw his inner wounds.. Sad

    Additional i had this (have still) hyperactive twitche in the stomach area. At the beginning it was very frequently and sexual . Know it is less frequently. Especially when i relax myself, meditate or try to sleep. Its like this bondage to him manifested in my body. (umbilical cord)
    Have you ever heard about this kind off strange connection?!?!

    I broke up a half a year ago, still i feel this connection to him. Still in love with him. I am in therapy right know. Sad

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