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    Help me break this cycle



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    Help me break this cycle

    Post by Imz87 on Tue Jun 21, 2016 9:29 am

    Hi Richard!

    I suffer from c-ptsd and I have a trigger when I feel something is unjust, and I seem to repeat the situation over and over and over and over again, so I make it happen. So I get bullied, often by the staff of forums or similar situations when I "break" the rules. Even if I didnt. And I get so furious and try to explain, and it just gets worse when they reply: Rules are the same for everyone, you are now banned. Have a wonderful day!

    That just happend now 5 minutes ago. And I feel stuck in this loop. I almost think my uncontious brings me into these situations to make me feel like the world is a unfair dump where u either eat others or get eaten, in a social context either get respect and get on your high horse, or be a nobody that gets kicked around.

    I even have been laid off from work because it was problems socially and I didnt fit in the work team. So unfair, I was always friendly but I wasnt talkative cuz of my anxiety. and one girl in the job was a total malignant narcissist, talking behind everybodys back and really bullying people. It was brutal. And one day I just get fed up with her toxic bullshit so when we were having coffee break and she talked shit about someone who wasnt there, everybody lauged but I just stood up and walked out, in a way to show I wont participate in this. After that she made my life hell there since she had a boss position, and she had my unjustly removed from the work team.

    Point is, I have been in tons of unfair situations, but I am a good person. I am honest, I am fair, I am empathic. But I always repeat this and it just makes me feel so sad, like this world has no purpose and people are just bullies hiding behind a social mask.

    So now to my question: I heard u talk about similar stuff in your video and that u get triggered of unfair situations. Do you mind making a video with more details on this? Thank you so much Smile

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