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    Alcohol and emotional flashbacks



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    Alcohol and emotional flashbacks

    Post by eirecoleen on Fri Jun 03, 2016 8:30 pm

    so it's lovely and sunny here in Dublin at the moment and everyone seems to be heading out for drinks in the sun. I find alcohol or the hangover sends me into complete meltdown. It's like I feel quilty that I've relaxed and let myself have fun???or is it the alcohols affect on the brain chemistry?? I am aware it's a depressant, it just does my head in that I can't seem to go out and enjoy a few drinks like a normal person! thoughts anyone?? It appears it's my destiny to live a very virtuous life just so I can feel normal, it gets a bit boring sometimes or is that the addict in me making an appearance Question

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    Re: Alcohol and emotional flashbacks

    Post by MidnightOwl on Thu Aug 04, 2016 6:42 pm


    I think it effects people in different ways. For me, alcohol and sugar destabilize my blood sugar and send my moods swinging. I can almost guarantee I will cry if I overdo it on either and I have to take that experience in stride (is this REALLY about a problem, or did I just over do it?)

    So it does not relax me in the way it seems to do to others. So I grab a soda water from the bar and just enjoy. I far prefer caffeine as a state alternator ^_^

    BUT I will say bars bore me. I'd rather be doing something active like walking, hiking, or perhaps creating (baking, knitting, etc). I rarely go out in that sense, usually just to catch up with a friend who wants to go, but yea...yawn.

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