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    building healthy ego boundaries


    victoria verhein

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    building healthy ego boundaries

    Post by victoria verhein on Wed May 18, 2016 11:55 pm

    ok, due to my upbringing, i thin my mom is probably a histrionic( theatrical and infantile) and my dad was a high functioning alcoholic who was gentle and generous to a fault but emotionally shut down (perhaps due to moms intense drama?)and my 10 year marriage to an extreme narcissist... i feel as if i have no ego boundaries at all. How do i begin to build these boundaries within myself??
    I myself am diagnosed with PTSD( i was diagnosed before cptsd became a option) and have been working steadily on developing skills to enable me to live a somewhat regular life but i have not found a way to build those internal boundaries. i think i have to start from ground 0 because i was not allowed those kind of boundaries in childhood or adulthood. Thankyou again for your labor on our behalf!!

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