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    Psychic Reading Fraud and Narcissistic Personality Disorder - It’s Uncanny!



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    Psychic Reading Fraud and Narcissistic Personality Disorder - It’s Uncanny!

    Post by LadyWithaSilverLining on Thu Apr 28, 2016 10:51 pm

    Psychic Reading Fraud and Narcissistic Personality Disorder - It’s Uncanny!

    I have been excavating my past, guarding my present and trying to create a better foundation for my future when this idea came to me.

    I realized that I make awesome Narcissist Fuel a few years ago when I first discovered NPD.  

    I was stunned to finally understand that my early childhood and ongoing relationships between my mother, father and myself, were awash with the damaging factors which helped to create this dreadfully damaged woman I am today. I will spare you the details but I would say I am the product of an NPD mother and a paternalistic (not sure about NPD) father. Even today, in their 80s, they continue to use their button-pushing and soul-stealing activities against me.

    Later, in my teens, I had a ‘best friend’ whose controlling manipulative behaviours are now so familiar that, in retrospect, she simply must be NPD.  Over the years, we reconnected twice and each time, the NPD took over and swallowed me.  When I finally extricated myself from her grasp, I told myself to NEVER reconnect.  I recently had Facebook friend requests from her and attempts to reconnect directly at reunions and through mutual acquaintances.  I am pleased to be holding firm to my decision. I am also pleased (sort of) to see, indirectly through our mutual friends, that she is still seeking her fuel.

    Now, having analyzed that and my other female friendships, I noticed that, although the flavours are slightly different, the bad NPD taste is left in my mouth. I finally exposed these relationships as detrimental and I think I might be able to see them coming before they do more damage.

    I am not exactly a people pleaser, I am an outgoing, dynamic, fearless person who is adventurous and very approachable. I also believe in complimenting people for their positive attributes. Giving people praise should be an affirmation to them and I do not shy away from recognizing people’s skills and gifts. This trait, in itself, is probably the most appealing bait I have to attract the NPD, female or male.

    On the ‘romantic’ side, my relationships with men, have also started to make more sense. I praise the very things that are attractive to me and then add the physical relationship and I am just the most perfect NPD fueling GF on the planet.  I have been married and divorced twice and had many much shorter relationships over the last 30 years to support my theory.

    Recently, I thought I had broken my pattern.

    I met a man who I thought deviated completely from the men from my past. He was quiet and did not seem to have much of an ego. He seemed kind and caring and perfect for me after a few weeks of dating and discovering remarkable commonalities. We had crossed paths many times in our lives and he seemed to have sought me out through social media. I was actually flattered by the social ‘stalking’ because it really seemed like a sincere interest of a ‘shy guy’.

    Strangely, we had the most phenomenal ‘connection’ experiences.   We seemed to have had so much in common that it was ‘made in heaven’ (I am agnostic).  Once, I even sat up during a remarkable text conversation and said out loud to a stranger next to me in a coffee shop that I had found my ‘soulmate’.  I had never before believed in that concept. My man claimed the feelings were mutual.

    Eventually and unfortunately, my life became a bit messed up as a result of external influences and I was really unable to provide the attention to my new man that he must have needed. The ‘covert’ NPD started to reveal himself.

    If I needed attention and affection and sympathy for my growing difficulties, he would become sullen and unsympathetic.

    It was at this time that his own psychiatric treatment was becoming clearer.  I learned that he is being treated with drugs typically used for bipolar disorder and yet he denied having such a diagnosis. He claimed simple ‘moodiness’ but I was able to identify a collection of ‘moods’ that in time became predictable.

    He slipped into a deep depression state and our time together was spent nursing that state.  I spent hours every weekend forgiving his bad behaviours and assuring him that I loved him, that he was wonderful and that I wanted to be with him and wanted him to be ‘better’ no matter what I felt or needed.

    In time, he dumped me because my own situation had become too difficult for him to handle. His completely selfish and self-centered behaviour began to make more and more sense, the further in time I moved from the break-up.

    Now, I have spared the details of ‘he did this’ and ‘they did that’ to support my NPD layman’s diagnosis of all these people in my life.

    What I really want to do is suggest that the person who has NPD is actually similar to the Psychic Cold Reader Fraudster.  

    My perfect man ‘stalked’ me in social media to learn some of my feelings and secrets. He would have read the fuel indicators in my likes and comments.  He would have learned of my ‘scars’ through my shares and other comments. He reached out to me with a question about a subject that was very close to my heart and obvious in my posts.

    Once we were dating, he would ask me probing questions to which his answer was always ‘Wow… so do I!”  He peppered our conversations with the sort of things a woman loves to hear. Compliments that dissolve caution and raise self esteem and trust.

    WE talked about living together and he was even shopping for a house that we could share. His claim that we both shared the same extraordinary feeling of connection stayed strong even through the depression, as long as I submitted and said ‘Honey, my needs are secondary to what you need.’ If he was rude and I said that I was human with feelings and needs, his first response was always, ‘I can’t see this working out.’ Feeling pressured, I would submit.

    Eventually, the ‘dumping’ was extraordinarily cruel and isolating.  This man had become my best friend, my lover, and my soul mate. Now suddenly, at the peak of my own crisis, he took away all of those things and devastated me.  He refused to talk to me or to text me. He did leave the FB connection intact by staying friends until one day I unfriended him so he no longer had access to my posts.  This made him more than a bit angry and he has cut me off completely.

    I am still sad because if he really loved me and we really made the remarkable connection, then this is a great loss.  I am in my 50s and so finding such a unique connection is rare and I do not expect that it could happen again. If he is really just a depressed bipolar man in denial, it is sad that he cannot allow me to support him.

    If, however, he is the fake mind reader that I am proposing, this might be a new RED FLAG for identifying the Covert Narcissist.

    I apologize for being so long-winded and I hope this makes sense.


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