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    Enabler Mother with narc husband of 20 years


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    Enabler Mother with narc husband of 20 years

    Post by BMorganStrong on Fri Apr 15, 2016 5:35 pm

    Should I fight (myself and the narc husband and even my Mother) to have a relationship with my enabler mother?  Should I just let him have her?  That is effectively what I have done.  I was so hurt by her behavior - shaming me, treating me like the bad guy when the narc provoked me, calling ME crazy - that I pretty much shut her out and now she has shut ME out (after I learned what a narc was and sent her info).  I am letting him win.  He is a covert, church-going narc who led her to God after her divorce from my borderline/narc father (marriage of ~25 years).  I kept trying to get along with Mr. Ed (narc) and hoping he wasn't the sociopath he appeared to be, but it is clear now that he wants me out of her life so he has complete control of her and her money.  I am now the bad guy because I don't contact my mother at all.  Should I contact her or leave it as it is?

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