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    Refuses to respond regarding divorce



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    Refuses to respond regarding divorce

    Post by LadyTheresa on Wed Apr 13, 2016 3:23 am

    My 37 year old marriage ended late last year when my husband left for a much younger women and moved to a different country, I say, good ridance. I was not only married to him but to marriage itself, the familly, forgetting any of my personal happiness. It was all a lot of work and stress.  So, when I emailed my husband that I had seen a lawyer and that with a mutual agreement (his idea) we could be divorced in just a few months, he refuses to answer me. What do I do?  Also, I always insisted with No Contact or as little as possible. So now what? Do I call him to negotiate or do I threaten him with litigation? I want this over asap. He is so disconnected with his emotions, I suspect he is narcisstic. To actualy leave his home, family, country to be with a women he barely knows just blew my mind and all who knew him. I suspect he no longer had narcisstic supply (I knew all his trics and games and mentioned them to him from time to time).  How do I deal with this? Negotiate or fight?

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